When something bad happens, an attack or shooting, the first blame would be on the Muslims. Without even looking at the facts, people just assume, this had to be the work of an Islamic terror group. The only thing is, they’re right. Not saying all Muslims are terrorists, but of course the ones who are, keep the religion high on the hatred list.


And we Muslims always wonder why we’re hated.

It’s because of idiots like these who carry on the name of terror.


A nightclub in Orlando was terrorized with 50 people dead on scene as 53 others are still in critical condition. Why? Because one person hated gays. Omar Mateen, 29, a security guard for a Florida court, who was actually licensed to bear arms, also bought rifles to shoot up a gay nightclub. Mateen’s father said it had nothing to do with religion. Not only was he homophobic, but he was also a Muslim. Coincidence, isn’t it? But does that really justify the fact that he killed 50 people? And of course the news will dig deeper into this. Mateen was also in an Islamic terrorist alliance. Again, not really a coincidence. This was definitely known as a terror attack, as it should be. But terrorizing in the name of Islam is just causing more uproar than trying to even the odds.


No matter how much we try to show that we’re not all bad, someone has to go and ruin our name. We can try our best to be the best out there, but because of people like him, Muslims are looked down upon.


There are many people out there who are homophobic and against LGBT, but they’re not going out taking innocent lives. Gay or not, a life is a life. We’re all entitled to our own choices and we’re definitely not in charge of who we like. Every life matters, no matter the race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine any brighter.


RIP to all the innocent victims who lost their lives in the shooting. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. (We surely belong to God (Allah), and to Him we shall return). May your souls rest in peace. ♥

June 13th, 2016 by Sabreena

Arrange Marriage, or Love?

Ideally, what does one think about marriage?Indian Marriage

So, as we get older, we have responsibilities to take care of and we all want to, at a certain point of course settle down. But how do we choose who to spend the rest of our lives with?

Well, if you’re Desi/brown, and a girl, then you will definitely know what I’m going for. As for you guys, at least you have a little time on your hands in this matter. Girls need to get married like ASAP!

Girls aren’t supposed to marry at 30 like Americans. After you pass a certain age, YOU HAVE TO START LOOKING FOR SOMEONE! And if you don’t find someone to marry before you’re 30, you’re most likely never going to get married. Apparently no one likes 30 year old’s!


I’m only 22. Didn’t even graduate college (yes, I do intend to!), and I’ve already got thrown under the “find someone to marry” bus. Although there are some people I know who already got married at the age or 22, even younger, I’m not one of them. Not that I can’t find someone (well..kinda mostly that), but because my mentality isn’t like others. I don’t care much for settling down; YET at least. There are other things that need to be done before I even start joining one of those dating websites.

Everyone should definitely have a pre-marriage bucket list!

But what irks me the most is when your parents start looking! Like okay, yes they always know the best for you, but they don’t really know the other person they’re choosing for you. They could do all the background checks they want, find out their family history, check their bank account, or even find out their blood type, but it won’t be enough until you actually get to know the person.

Now that’s arrange marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it, and honestly, I wouldn’t even mind it. Arrange marriage is like an adventure. You start off fresh some someone new. But do you really wanna spend the rest of your life with them? How do you know they’re worth it? All that money being spent on the wedding could go to a nice vacation in the Bahamas. It’s simple, you don’t know if it’s worth it! More like a trial and error sort, you just don’t get that many re-do’s. But with arrange marriage, you get to learn to love the person. Just like how you don’t choose your parents or siblings, you learn to love them and spend your life with them, well not your whole life, but most of it.

As for love marriage, you know your other’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and you can tolerate the other person without killing them. (Some more than others.)

The positive side of love marriage; you already love that person. And you can always find something new about them everyday. Like when you sleep with them the first time (like literally SLEEP!) Or what it’s like to actually live with this person, if you haven’t already. The possibilities of finding new things about the other person is always endless. There will be some things you hate. Then other things that just make you fall in love all over again. Make every date feel like the first date. They accept you for you. Love should be unconditional.

As for the negative, you may start to get tired of the same thing. And the thought of spending the rest of your life with that person is, scary.

But who really decides what’s right?

Here’s a con about arrange marriages; what if you don’t even get to see the person you’re going to marry till the wedding is over?! Yeah, that would probably suck! But what if they just turns out to be utterly horrible and it ends in divorce because you two were not compatible enough to spend the rest of your lives together? What if they use your past against you? What if they just don’t accept you? But then again, what if they’re just perfect for you? What if they’re “The One“??? Ah, the joys of marrying someone you knew for a month.

They say everything is written. How much do you believe in fate?

Well, all I can say now is, let the adventure begin. Arrange marriage it is. (I can already feel the regrets.)

March 24th, 2015 by Sabreena

Ignorance is a Bliss

Ignorance is a bliss. But does that mean we need to hear the brutal honesty from others? Not that you’re oblivious to how you look, but is it necessary point out the obvious?

You know what the problem is? No matter how good you look, what you do, how successful you are, someone somewhere will always have something bad to say about you. See the problem isn’t us. Its society. It’s always society and it always has been society. They tell us what to do. How to dress. What to wear. How skinny you really should be. But lets face it, its society’s fault anyone is really…fat. Should there really be a McDonald’s in every block? Well all food franchises are trying to do is get customers right? Make the food delicious and fatty enough to get people to come back for more. Even if we don’t have any fatty foods everyday or even once a month, some people aren’t capable of controlling their metabolism. It’s called genes. Whether you like it, or even want it or not, we as human beings aren’t able to control our cravings. We want what we want when we want it!

BUT we do have the choice to transform ourselves into what we want to look like. What size we want to be. Some people are happy the way they are. Some people aren’t happy the way other people are. Does this mean we have criticize them? Call them name and differentiate them from others? So what someone is fat? Does that really needed to pointed out? Why put a mirror in front of them? I’m sure they’ve looked at their reflection just that morning thinking the same thing, and just hoping no one else notices. I’m sure no one is as ignorant as the person pointing it out.

America is FAT. I think we established that in the Olympics a couple of years ago when America’s main sponsor was McDonald’s!


And yes, we do have the ability to change ourselves. Become thinner and bony like those models, WHO NEVER EAT! But has it ever occurred to you that maybe we don’t want to change because we are happy the way we look? No one seems to put that in consideration.

No matter what you label someone for the way they look. The smallest word is just as effective. “Thick, chubby, chunky, fat, obese.” Even to those who start harassing skinny people for being TOO THIN. It’s not their fault they have a fast metabolism. They can eat and eat and eat and never gain a pound. That’s how their body works. And others eat and gain, because their metabolism is as slow as a snail. But here’s the thing, we are entitled to our own decisions and life choices, to our own futures, so why must your opinion even be necessary?

Real men go for curves, only dogs go for bones. 

No, real men go for whatever the f**k they want. And when they do, they don’t complain about having too much on the table. They don’t tell you to change or even point out your flaws. Real men respect women. And if by any chance a girl has a guy who even accidentally says something about them on the way they look, best believe it wasn’t their first time thinking that! Yes, it accidentally came out of their mouth, but other times, at least they kept it in.

If someone wants to eat, let them eat whatever they want. If someone wants to be fat, by all means let them eat chips and dips all day and gain all the pounds they want. Who are we to judge the life they live? Do yourself and others a favor, and keep your opinions to yourself. And guys, be careful what you say to a girl. Girls don’t forget.

“Eat whatever you want. And if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too!”


December 20th, 2014 by Sabreena

Facebook Messenger Will Now Stalk Your Every Move!

Um, What?

Apparently the new Facebook Messenger, which was just updated about 4 days ago, has some new privacy settings, which some people didn’t even read. Did you know the messenger has permission to go through all your calls, call logs, text messages, and camera? There’s a fine line between getting information to help better the communication of Facebook users and going through all your private information just cause they can. What the hell Mark Zuckerberg?! I mean, okay sure, you want to get access to my camera so I can send people pictures, but why must you save that information? Not only that, why are you recording my phone conversations??? What exactly are you trying to find?? If we are worthy of being part of Facebook?

And it’s not only that, to send messages through your phone, you HAVE to download the messenger. It is required to message others. And for that, you have to sacrifice your privacy..?!


Here are some of the new permissions:

  • Allows the app to change the state of network connectivity
  • Allows the app to call phone numbers without your intervention. This may result in unexpected charges or calls. Malicious apps may cost you money by making calls without your confirmation.
  • Allows the app to send SMS messages. This may result in unexpected charges. Malicious apps may cost you money by sending messages without your confirmation.
  • Allows the app to record audio with microphone. This permission allows the app to record audio at any time without your confirmation.
  • Allows the app to take pictures and videos with the camera. This permission allows the app to use the camera at any time without your confirmation.
  • Allows the app to read you phone’s call log, including data about incoming and outgoing calls. This permission allows apps to save your call log data, and malicious apps may share call log data without your knowledge.
  • Allows the app to read data about your contacts stored on your phone, including the frequency with which you’ve called, emailed, or communicated in other ways with specific individuals.
  • Allows the app to read personal profile information stored on your device, such as your name and contact information. This means the app can identify you and may send your profile information to others.
  • Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. This permission allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.
  • Allows the app to get a list of accounts known by the phone. This may include any accounts created by applications you have installed.


So, should Facebook have all these permissions to help you connect better with other users? Or should there be a little more restrictions on how much Facebook can really know about you? Is it time to maybe delete the application?! At least until Facebook restricts some of its privacy settings that is.


August 9th, 2014 by Sabreena

Boyfriend Dies of Shopping, Literally!

Chinese Boyfriend Gets So Tired Of Shopping With His Girlfriend, He Jumps To Death In Mall


Tao Hsiao a 38-year-old Chinese man was very tired of Christmas shopping with his girlfriend for five hours at a mall in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, east China. Hsiao had enough after the tiring five hours, and demanded to go home. His girlfriend insisted on going to one more shop. Their argument was getting very intense.

One witness said:

‘He told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes that she could wear in a
lifetime and it was pointless buying any more.

‘She started shouting at him accusing him of being a skinflint and of spoiling Christmas, it was a really heated argument.’

The argument ended when Hsiao threw all the bags on the floor and jumped off a nearby balcony seven stories down on some Christmas decorations immediately killing him from the impact of the fall.


Tao Hsiao, 38, jumped to his death after a furious row with his girlfriend in a shopping mall


Now, this man, died from shopping…literally. Tragic death, that too right before Christmas. So does this mean the girlfriend was responsible for his death? Or was this just suicide?

December 9th, 2013 by Sabreena

Religious or Nonreligious? Muslim girls nowadays..


Its great when a Muslim girl starts wearing a hijab after years of being non religious, but as soon as a girl takes off her hijab and becomes “Americanized” with the short shorts and drinks in her hand, that’s when i lose respect.

I’ve seen many girls nowadays, who USED to wear hijabs. Now that they are in college they forget their religion. Hijabs gone, and the short dresses are out.

Its one thing when a girl actually starts becoming religious, and gets attached to her religion. But how do you forget it later?

Taking off the hijabs for some occasions are actually okay. But taking them off, to party and drink, which is both haram, and a disgrace.

If you wear one, and you want to party and drink, don’t pretend to wear one, and take it off as soon as the party starts. Put the drink down, put on some clothes that cover your body, and walk away.

Although, those who choose not to follow the path of Islam anymore, don’t follow it, but don’t go back to being religious when you turned your back on it the first time. Just saying.


January 14th, 2013 by Sabreena

The one question everyone is still asking..WHY? Tragedy still without an answer.

R.I.P ♥

Donations can be made to the victims funerals. And general letters, care packages, drawings and condolences for the Newtown shooting victims can be sent to the Newtown Post Office at:

P.O. Box 3700, Newtown, Connecticut 06470


The case of Adam Lanza’s shooting rampage still a mystery. Sources say no evidence can be found to why he did this. When Police went back to his house in Hoboken, NJ, it turns out that the women found dead in his home was  actually his mother Nancy Lanza. So why did he go to the school and kill innocent children? His motive was to kill his mother, to which he did way before he even arrived at the school. Still no answer.

Police tried to retrieve information in a computer taken from the school but the hard drive had been damaged so badly it’s hard to get anything out. Lanza must have been hiding something.

Adam Lanza


What caused this psychotic rampage? What made him just lose it?


Here are the pictures of those innocent children, who now look above from heaven. ♥


6-year-old Avielle Richman


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December 18th, 2012 by Sabreena

Names and ages of Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

So, police has finally revealed the names and ages of those shot dead on Dec. 14, 2012, by Adam Lanza, in Sandy Hook Elementary, Ct. 

Please be aware, most of the children listed, were only in kindergarten, Pray for the families, God knows what they are feeling at this moment to just know their baby girl or boy, left to start school, to finally start their lives, it was cut too short. This horrific event, ends, with a tragedy. This is the list of those who passed..

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December 15th, 2012 by Sabreena

28 people dead, 20 of them victims are Children.

Newtown, Ct. Children being brought to safety.

Hearing this story is truly heartbreaking. The school that held about 600 students, faced a horrific scene that no children ever needs to go through. An elementary school from k-4 grades, of kids ages 5 to 10 has been going through the most traumatic event. Parents are still shocked of what their child had just endured, and for their child to witness such event. 20 of those parents never thought today will be the last day they sent their child to school, and getting the news of them never returning back home. It’s still unbelievable such heartless people are still in this world.

The gunman who was found dead, had shot himself inside the school, after his shooting spree which also included his mother, Nancy Lanza, and her students as well. Nancy Lanza was a

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December 14th, 2012 by Sabreena

Post storm brings in NEW storm?


(Nov, 2, 2012. 7:30 pm)


New Storm? And that too, during Election week!

Not even a week has passed since Hurricane Sandy, the East Coast has been warned for NEW butlesser” storm that is expected to hit the same areas Sandy affected, for Wednesday, Nov, 7, 2012. But this will not be as deadly. Prepare for heavier rainfall, high winds, snow, and beach erosion. It is still too early to make any accurate predictions, but meteorologist cannot risk that chance.


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November 2nd, 2012 by Sabreena
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