Ignorance is a Bliss

Ignorance is a bliss. But does that mean we need to hear the brutal honesty from others? Not that you’re oblivious to how you look, but is it necessary point out the obvious?

You know what the problem is? No matter how good you look, what you do, how successful you are, someone somewhere will always have something bad to say about you. See the problem isn’t us. Its society. It’s always society and it always has been society. They tell us what to do. How to dress. What to wear. How skinny you really should be. But lets face it, its society’s fault anyone is really…fat. Should there really be a McDonald’s in every block? Well all food franchises are trying to do is get customers right? Make the food delicious and fatty enough to get people to come back for more. Even if we don’t have any fatty foods everyday or even once a month, some people aren’t capable of controlling their metabolism. It’s called genes. Whether you like it, or even want it or not, we as human beings aren’t able to control our cravings. We want what we want when we want it!

BUT we do have the choice to transform ourselves into what we want to look like. What size we want to be. Some people are happy the way they are. Some people aren’t happy the way other people are. Does this mean we have criticize them? Call them name and differentiate them from others? So what someone is fat? Does that really needed to pointed out? Why put a mirror in front of them? I’m sure they’ve looked at their reflection just that morning thinking the same thing, and just hoping no one else notices. I’m sure no one is as ignorant as the person pointing it out.

America is FAT. I think we established that in the Olympics a couple of years ago when America’s main sponsor was McDonald’s!


And yes, we do have the ability to change ourselves. Become thinner and bony like those models, WHO NEVER EAT! But has it ever occurred to you that maybe we don’t want to change because we are happy the way we look? No one seems to put that in consideration.

No matter what you label someone for the way they look. The smallest word is just as effective. “Thick, chubby, chunky, fat, obese.” Even to those who start harassing skinny people for being TOO THIN. It’s not their fault they have a fast metabolism. They can eat and eat and eat and never gain a pound. That’s how their body works. And others eat and gain, because their metabolism is as slow as a snail. But here’s the thing, we are entitled to our own decisions and life choices, to our own futures, so why must your opinion even be necessary?

Real men go for curves, only dogs go for bones. 

No, real men go for whatever the f**k they want. And when they do, they don’t complain about having too much on the table. They don’t tell you to change or even point out your flaws. Real men respect women. And if by any chance a girl has a guy who even accidentally says something about them on the way they look, best believe it wasn’t their first time thinking that! Yes, it accidentally came out of their mouth, but other times, at least they kept it in.

If someone wants to eat, let them eat whatever they want. If someone wants to be fat, by all means let them eat chips and dips all day and gain all the pounds they want. Who are we to judge the life they live? Do yourself and others a favor, and keep your opinions to yourself. And guys, be careful what you say to a girl. Girls don’t forget.

“Eat whatever you want. And if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too!”


December 20th, 2014 by Sabreena

Makeup pt2!

Get the perfect eyebrows! Without actually getting your eyebrows done!

Hey guys, this is for all the lazy people who fail to get their eyebrows done every two weeks like they’re supposed to, like me. Well I’ve got just the video to cover up your eyebrows with makeup that way you can go at least a few more weeks without having to do them.

Anyways here’s the video! Enjoy!



December 18th, 2014 by Sabreena


Nowadays, most girls are experimenting with makeup. Some put way too much, others, not enough. When we need to learn something new, of course we go on YouTube and search for new videos to help us, change our style. Well, here’s a simple makeup tutorial for a faded smokey eye. Hopefully this helps those who have struggled to do smokey eyes. If you want to start light, this faded version will help you slowly work towards a bolder smokey eye look. Enjoy!

December 16th, 2014 by Sabreena
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