Post storm brings in NEW storm?


(Nov, 2, 2012. 7:30 pm)


New Storm? And that too, during Election week!

Not even a week has passed since Hurricane Sandy, the East Coast has been warned for NEW butlesser” storm that is expected to hit the same areas Sandy affected, for Wednesday, Nov, 7, 2012. But this will not be as deadly. Prepare for heavier rainfall, high winds, snow, and beach erosion. It is still too early to make any accurate predictions, but meteorologist cannot risk that chance.


Flash floods, earthquakes, high tides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, tropical storms, hurricanes, snow storms, land falls, etc..

Either in America or Worldwide in the start of 2012. 


So much happening as we get closer to 2012. Could this be a warning for us as we get closer to December 2012???


Election week doesn’t look so good…Looks like even the Mayans didn’t want this election to happen either!


Still too soon to make assumptions of the new storm. Check back for updates!


Fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, visit to donate.

A little means a lot to those who have nothing.


Click Here for the Latest Updates on the last post and pictures of Sandy’s damaging in both Northeast and Southern countries.


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