Stop the Cyber bullying!

Have you ever been a victim of cyber bullying? Whether someone has taken your name, pics, and personal information and let it out to the world without your consent? Well if you have, what are you doing about it?

Screenshot of Amanda’s youtube video.

The most recent cyber bullying was Amanda Todd, 15, of Canada. She was bullied everyday of her life because of one mistake she made. She was chatting online with a stranger who suggested her to take her top off and expose herself. Amanda gave into the stranger’s request. A photo was taken, and her life went downhill from there.

Her mistake followed her everywhere. It was sent to everyone. Every school she went to, it followed her. On facebook, it followed her. Changing schools didn’t help. It didn’t stop. She tried killing herself before by drinking bleach. She failed because she was saved on time. She overdosed on pills. She started cutting herself. She lost respect from everyone, she lost her friends. No one supported her. No one helped.

After people heard about her suicide attempt, they suggested ways for which she can succeed in. “Try a different bleach”, they said on her facebook profile. Not only was she harassed by words, she was abused. Getting into fights, 15 against 1. By girls, and guys. Punched, kicked, and left on the floor. She was alone. She was found in a ditch hours later by her father.

She posted a video of herself on youtube, just a month before her she killed herself. She was tormented by her own classmates. By the people she thought was close to her and actually liked her, for her. She endured the pain just enough to get her though a few more days till she couldn’t take it anymore.

Watch the original video of her story:

This is Amanda Todd. And this is her story Click here for the youtube video.

Click for whole story on

From the huffington post.

If you search on youtube, you will find many videos like this, of young kids and teens telling their story. Some live, but others, can’t take it anymore. Cyber bullying is one of the most highest causes of death among teens. More teens die every year because of the torture they have to go through. But it never stops. People do take action, but it doesn’t lessen the activity going on.


If you do research online, you will find such websites that actually encourage cyber bullying. Such websites like these not only take your personal information, they allow others to define you. To judge you. How does the government allow this? Websites like How can people even come up with this? They want to be popular by bringing others down?

That website in fact was shut down last year. They reopened again. Posting pictures of people you may know, if not yourself. And they don’t allow you to take down a picture. People have advised to take legal action against them. Such websites don’t have the authority to provide information without the legal consent of the rightful owner. Websites like these, are the cause of cyber bullying.

Modernization is to make the world a better place to live in. The internet supposed to help you. Not hurt you. Though it is good, people don’t understand the bad that comes with it. Or what they are getting themselves into. Once you post something on the internet, you can never take it back. The world if filled with such people, who want to harm others. Just for their amusement. They’re not aware of the circumstances and obstacles they are providing for their victim. Although, they don’t care, I for one believe: “What goes around, comes around.”


If you are a victim, or know someone, don’t sit there. Stand up and make a difference. Why wait around for another suicide youtube video, to be posted up, and a post in the news about another death. Show that modernization and technology should help and not hurt. You have the right to your own life. No one can judge you. Take control and raise awareness. Make the world a better place to live in.

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