Queens Woman Killed While Crossing the Street

Image taken from NY1 news


On Saturday evening, girl was walking with her mother on Hillside Ave, Jamaica. The girl walked ahead of her mom and left her behind while they were crossing the street. The daughter made it to the other side, while her mom was still walking behind. And just in a few seconds, a Nassau-County bus made a sharp turn and hit her mom before she walked all the way through. The daughter didn’t realize till after. Her mom died at the scene. Always be careful when crossing the street. One second can change your whole life. Although I don’t know who they are, my prayers go to the Bengali girl and her family. It hurts to even hear a story of anyone’s death. As they say in Islamic religion after someone’s death: Inna lillahi Wa inna ilaihi Rajioon.

Many have actually believed it was the woman’s fault. And she should have seen where she was going, or the daughter should have walked along side her mother so this wouldn’t have happened. One person actually stated that, “the daughter was at fault, maybe she didn’t want to be seen with her mom, she deserved such punishment she will remember for the rest of her life.” Why should she be at blame? It wasn’t even nearly her fault. Sometimes you don’t even realize when you’re walking ahead you tend to walk a little faster. She probably didn’t notice her mom wasn’t next to her. No one deserves this punishment. Even if she didn’t wanna be seen with her mom, she doesn’t deserve this either.

They say you can’t always blame the drivers. But I beg to differ.

That’s the street I cross everyday when going to school and coming back. I almost got hit so many times because most of the drivers don’t want to wait for the pedestrians to cross. It’s a big street and the cars turn just as fast. In fact, this wasn’t even the first hit on that road. And it’s usually the drivers fault. So you can’t say its her fault. Things were meant to happen. But she doesn’t deserve to blame herself for her moms death. It wasn’t her fault. My uncle got hit by a bus and died. His wife walked ahead and crossed the street. He waited for the cross light. And he got hit because the bus crossed the red light. The driver always has a break to stop. People on foot don’t always have time to get out of the way. There are speed limits which drivers don’t always follow. So yes I do blame the drivers.

The brother of the victim told NY1 news stating that, “after the bus had hit the 54-year-old woman, he (the bus driver) had still continued to drive.” Investigation still ran through Sunday, and hopefully charges will be made.

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