Kitty Damage


This is him sleeping normally

By Sabreena

This is how he sleeps sometimes.

By Sabreena

This is how he sleeps.

By Sabreena

Just two days ago, I tried to take a picture of my kitten sleeping in a funny position. I ran to get my camera, turned it on, and saw the screen wasn’t working. I thought it was the batteries. Then I realized what really happened. Last week, my kitten was very hyper and jumped all over the place. He threw all of my items from the table to the floor. I still have some papers missing. I found the camera behind the computer table. It looked fine to me, so I put it back on my table and proceeded to do my work.

I haven’t checked the camera in a week. Just when I needed it for something, I see the screen is cracked. And when you turn it on,  you can tell how broken the screen is. I was in fury. I didn’t know what to do. It was my favorite, and only camera. And i actually made sure nothing happened to it for the past 3 years.

I didn’t know such a small kitten can cause such damage. I yelled at my kitten, but there’s no point because he obviously doesn’t understand me. All my kitten can understand is “food”. He has definitely ruined many things, but not as much as he broke the camera. Hopefully I get a new camera, and this time, I am putting it in a place where my kitten can never touch it. I have also need to clean the table which he destroys everyday in his morning sugar rush. After a good nap he is good to go. Go on a new adventure everyday, and mess up more of my things. But after all, he is only four months old, still a kitten, and who wakes me up every morning, at least half an hour before my alarm rings just so i would play with him.

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