After Hurricane Irene Hits New York City

Sunset after Hurricane Irene in New York City

By Sabreena

We all know the disaster that came around the Eastern side of the United States on Saturday Aug 27, 2011, known as Hurricane Irene. The hurricane was later downgraded to a “Tropical Storm” instead. Though it wasn’t as strong and heavy as a hurricane, it still caused much damage to the states hit: Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and many more on its path. The hurricane still managed to kill almost 19 people. Many streets were flooded as well as homes and their basements. Some items could not be saved from the flood but people managed to save what they could. The water level in many basements almost rose up to 3ft. Personal belongings were destroyed and many people were rescued on rafts, boats, and firetrucks.

This tropical storm had everyone in worries. Trees were down, homes destroyed, cars ruined, all a treacherous mess. The city is now being cleaned up. Hours have passes by but not all services has been up to schedule yet. MTA services still run slowly to avoid any flood roads and rails. Hopefully the city will be cleaned up by the morning.

And after hours of rain and heavy winds, the dark clouds began to disappear and the sun finally came out. Shining its way down to the relieved citizens of New York City.


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