Fallen Tree After Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

By Sabreena

Hurricane Irene
By SabreenaBy Sabreena


I was on my way to get some art supplies when I looked out my car window and saw this. A tree fallen on the sidewalk. Immediately I knew this was the cause of yesterdays hurricane. Although I did not expect to see this on my way, I decided to stop so I can capture a picture of the damage.

The aftermath of the treacherous Hurricane Irene showed its effect. A tree was broken from almost the roots just missing by a few inches off the ground. The tree and its branches missed the house by a few feet but it is clear the branches hit the walls. People living around those homes must have been scared when they heard a tree slam onto the floor. But also relieved it did not cause any harm to them.

Some trees that are almost a hundred years old have failed to make it alive after the storm. Many more trees around the city has been teared from its roots. Some even falling on cars destroying them. Most of the trees fallen during the storm has killed someone. Whether the tree has fallen while someone was walking or when the person was inside their car waiting to shelter from the storm. This tropical storm has definitely caused a lot of destruction to the city.



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