Muslims looked down upon..even more..

On Wednesday, October 16 2012, a 21-year-old, Bengali guy got caught in a terrorist act, trying to blow up the New York Federal Reserve Bank, located in the heart of Manhattan, New York.

So this guy, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, comes to America on a student visa and decides he wants to do something “big”. Unlike other immigrants who travel to the U.S. to study, get a career, save money to can support their family, he stated that he wants to

“shake the whole country” and “destroy America, behalf on Al Qaeda.”

So, I’m guessing he missed 9/11? I’m pretty sure the WORLD was already shaken up by that.

What really is bothersome here about this is that, his parents spent everything, all their life savings, to get their son started to a better life. Don’t forget, Bangladesh is a poor country. Well ok, not that poor, but work is hard to find, and saving for a child’s education?, even harder. Imagine what his parents are going through right now to find that their son has plotted a stupid act, that not only disgraced his family, but the whole country as well. His father believed he was devoted into his studies. Yea..probably trying to master the study of terrorism.

In fact, he was a terrible student in his university. He was on probation, and threatened with expulsion because of his bad grades. In Bangladesh, they go hardcore when it comes to grades and school. They want the best for the students and watch them succeed in life. See, we’re not all that bad of a country. His grades in his University of Missouri? Even worse. So bad, that he stopped attending.

This is the mastermind..behind the fail and disgrace.


His family..who shouldn’t be going through a critical situation like this. To know their son is the humiliation of the country.

Family Shocked

Grandmother And Mother of Nafis


Muslims were already seen as terrorist after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. After a while, it came to a point where not ALL Muslims were seen as terrorists. FINALLY, the accusations of terrorism against Muslims were descending. Until now at least.

Bangladesh doesn’t even have that high of a reputation to begin with. Now, the whatever the hell else was remained, has been buried. Thanks to the dumbass who made Muslims look worse than we already do.

To be clear, Bengali’s aren’t those to bomb any place. I’m Bengali myself, and reading about how one kid comes to America to make himself look stupid, is so degrading. I’ve heard of those who steal, and possibly murder one or two. But bombing a whole building in New York, where there was already many terrorist attacks, and trying to kill hundreds of people? I wouldn’t have thought any of them would actually have the balls to do it.

He contacts many people, that can help him with the attack. He found a member of “Al Qaeda” who was actually an undercover FBI agent. The FBI agent helped him round-up 1,000 pounds of FAKE explosives. Yeah, try blowing that up!

His father had spoken with him 24 hours before the arrest. Nafis had told one of his classmates, Jim Dow,

the only problem he had with America was not being able to find a job or being short on money considering he was only on student visa.

So how was terrorizing going to help?

“He told me he did not believe Osama bin Laden was involved in the Twin Tower (bombing,) that he believed that bin Laden was a very good religious man and that a good devout religious Muslim would not do something like that,” Dow said.

What I don’t understand is why? Was he trying to be famous? Well known? The next AL QAEDA? Perhaps OSAMA BIN LADEN? Oh right, he believes a good Muslim would never do such a thing. What the hell was he doing then? What’s the point of bombing and killing people? It sure as hell doesn’t do you any good. You’re just gonna go to jail. The government always finds you!!

Investigation is still underway, as police searches for 5 other members of Nafis’s bomb plot project. If he is convicted, he will face life in prison.

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