Girls vs. Girls ; Makeup vs. Guys

Guys always complain about how they hate when a girl wears makeup. Yet they always go after the ones that look the prettiest.

Fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, and she’ll swear its “natural”. LOL

Guys say they love the natural look, but they would never look at a girl who looks “not attractive” without makeup. Yea, that’s logic. Although there are a few guys who go for the personality, applaud to them.

But face it, it’s not about the makeup at all, it’s about who looks prettier. If a girl is naturally flawless, then lucky her. If not, then hello concealer!!

So guys want a natural girl? Without makeup? What if she has scars on her face, that she’s forced to hide WITH makeup? What if she wears it to hide her flaws? If a girl has scars, and obviously no guy even pays attention to her, she’s going to wear makeup. Insecurities. Every girl has them. And its cause of guys a girl is insecure. Don’t get me wrong, of course we don’t call attention upon ourselves, but having a compliment here and there does make our day.

Fact #1: Some of us wear makeup, not to get attention, to help us feel CONFIDENT about ourselves. 


Let’s pretend: A guy goes out, normal day, sees a girl, no makeup, got a few marks on her face. What does he do? Of course walk past her.
He passes another girl, perfect makeup, airbrushed look, perfect skin. Him? “OH, excuse me miss, you are gorgeous!”

Yup shallowness at its best.

Then again, everyone is shallow, even girls, and that too with other girls.

Everyday, a girl would look in the mirror, and feel bad about eating that whole bar of chocolate or a pint of that ice cream last night. Chocolate makes you breakout, ice cream makes you fat? (Not true!)

In reality, its guys who cause the girls to wear makeup and feel insure. so why do they always blame the girls for “wearing makeup”?

Although, girls, when wearing makeup, the key is to make it look like you’re not wearing any at all. Difference from wearing makeup and wearing TOO much makeup. 

You don’t wanna go outside looking like a pack of skittles, trust me no one wants to taste that rainbow. 

Um hello?! Did you get gang-banged by crayola? NO. Don’t look like Nicki Minaj!!!

Go for the natural tones. Browns, pinks, and nudes. Smokey eyes with just those 3 colors, can make it look both natural and hot.


Pink && Peachy.



If you want to add a little color, for example blues, purples, or greens, you don’t wanna look like a parrot. Add light shades not bright neon colors. Remember, HOLLOWEEN comes only once a year. And it’s NOT today.

Blue Smokey Blue Purple Smokey Purple

As for guys, don’t lie about wanting a girl all “nat-u-ral”. You know you want someone who looks pretty both with and without makeup.
As for clothing, it’s true, sometimes we just don’t match AT ALL. At least I don’t. SO MUCH LAZINESS! If we could go out in sweat pants, hair tied, looking like we just woke up, we would.

Sometimes we do like dressing up. Short dresses, stiletto heels, hair and makeup done, and just go out. Some will dress up for the attention.

Fact #2: Yes, we sometimes dress to get attention, but we are NOT asking to be raped. Big difference. A compliment vs. a booty call asking to be a prostitute.

Sometimes we just need to know we look good. Even if we know we do, hearing it from someone else boosts out confidence level.


But for those who dress up for attention, its 30 degree weather outside, why are you wearing booty shorts like the sun is up giving you all the heat? NO! You’re making yourself look stupid. You’re going clubbing? Go ahead and look hot. But if you’re going to a small house party where no one will even look at that $40 dress you bought, why you wasting a nice outfit in the cold.

Fact #3: Girls are always against girls. Outdress the other. ALL GIRLS ARE ALL BITCHES. It just takes the right person to bring it out. We fake being nice to each other. Drama drama drama!! That’s why girls like guy friends way better.


Not only that, ever tried putting 2 girl birds in a cage with a boy bird? I have. And….one killed the other one. Rip little one.♥

If birds can’t even get along, how can humans?


Well, just a little thought.

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