Eid Prayer

By Sabreena


By Sabreena


Today was the holy day of Eid-al-Fitr. A muslim holiday which is celebrated after 30 days of fast also known as Ramadan. Ramadan is fasting for Mercy, Forgiveness, and Salvation for 30, sometimes 29 days. Fasting lasts from sunrise to sunset. During fasting, one cannot eat, drink, or smoke. After a daily fast, one breaks his fast during Iftar time, or feast.

During Eid, many people travel to the Mosque to pray. Where I live, there are too many people around the area to fit in one Mosque. So they decided to hold the prayer to the nearest High School’s field. There were as many as a thousand people in one field. Maybe even more.

The blazing sun was shining down on the people as they prayed on the field. The sun’s rays were very exhausting. Some were on the tracks, while others were on the wet grass. Still, nothing held us back from the prayer today.

People were dressed up. Many girls were wearing Selwar’s (cultural outfit), women wearing Sari’s, some even in Burka’s (religious outfit). The men were wearing Sherwani’s, some in Kurta’s, and other’s even wore jeans. The hands of many girls were covered in Mehndi/Henna, and nails painted to match their outfits  just in celebration of the holiday.

After prayer, people visited family members and friends so they can wish each other.

And for all the Muslims out there, Eid Mubarak.

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