28 people dead, 20 of them victims are Children.

Newtown, Ct. Children being brought to safety.

Hearing this story is truly heartbreaking. The school that held about 600 students, faced a horrific scene that no children ever needs to go through. An elementary school from k-4 grades, of kids ages 5 to 10 has been going through the most traumatic event. Parents are still shocked of what their child had just endured, and for their child to witness such event. 20 of those parents never thought today will be the last day they sent their child to school, and getting the news of them never returning back home. It’s still unbelievable such heartless people are still in this world.

The gunman who was found dead, had shot himself inside the school, after his shooting spree which also included his mother, Nancy Lanza, and her students as well. Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher and most of the children shot dead were only from a kindergarten class. Age of 5 the most.

Investigation is still going on to figure out who the body is they found back in Lazna’s home, and what caused a 20-year-old to kill his own mother and innocent kids.

A mind chilling letter of a little boy who wrote this letter to his parents, as he was in lockdown, just moments before his death. It breaks anyone’s heart to even think about anyone who would go on a massacre and kill children. Those children who just came into this world not too long ago, has left before they even saw the world. Their lives were too short, they were gone too soon. And to the witnesses, just imagine what kind of trauma they will go through. Everyone is still in shock to what has happened.

All my prayers and condolences go to the victims of the shooting and all trauma victims and their families. No one deserves to go through such an event, and endure the pain a parent would never have even thought of. ♥


The worst thing for a parent, isn’t to be buried by their children, but to bury their children.


Inna lillahi Wa inna ilaihi Rajioon. ♥




(12.15.12 ; 12:04 pm)

Ryan Lanza is believed NOT to be part of the shooting.

Adam Lanza was believed to be Autistic in year 2010, stated by Ryan.

Check back later today as we reveal names of those who passed as well as the ages of the little children.


(12.14.12 ; 5:08 pm)

28 total, including gunman, Adam Lanza, 20.

Lanza’s brother, Ryan, 24, was held back by police for further questioning.

Adam Lanza did shoot himself.

1 body found back at Lanza’s home in Hoboken, NJ.


(12.14.12 ; 2:34 pm)

Principal and guidance councilor killed.

Gunman went inside the classroom of who the teacher was his mother. Killed her, and 18 of her students.

Killed other faculty members in the offices.


(12.14.12 ; 1:53 pm)

2 people believed to be part of the shooting.

1 gunman who was shot dead was an 20-year-old inside the school. It’s still not clear if he shot himself or if police has shot him.

Another person, 18-year-old, believed to be part of the massacre. Both are being question on why they did this, and if they did have a connection with the school.

2 handguns were retrieved from the scene. a 223 caliber rifle.


(12.14.12 ; 1:05 pm)

27 killed, at least 18 of them are children

Gunman believed to be a 20 year old man from New Jersey. He was a father of one of the students or a former employee.

Parents given the news, some collapsed hearing the tragic.

A class is still missing.




Just as the school day was about to begin in Newtown, Ct, in Sandy Hook Elementary School, around 9:30 am, a gunman went on a massive shooting spree and shot fires in classrooms and in the halls.
At least 27 people are dead, 14 of them are children. Many others still injured. Nearby schools are still on lockdown, parents are being called to pick up their children. Although 14 of the students’ parents, will face horrific news.
The gunman was shot and killed, was found with 2 weapons believed to be used during the shooting, and police are looking for a second victim. Gunman was believed to be from  New Jersey.


Check back for updates.


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